This is the website of Peta Laurisen, a Byron Bay based visual artist. http://www.facebook.com/petalaurisenartist

Artist’s Biography

Born in Bendigo, Victoria, the daughter of artist Harvey Hall who was well known in Albury and Singapore. Studied dress design at R.M.I.T. Melbourne, Victoria. Launched into the fashion world after traveling to Brazil and most of South America and Europe. Landed in London and worked for Biba and Top Shop, dress designing.Returning to Australia and opening two Boutiques called Montego Boutique. Then tiring of the fashion industry and needing a creative reinvention I moved into Stylisting, working for David Jones, Myer and many photographers on shoots.
This somehow led me to painting in a strange way, as I was stage setting. I became interested in Trompe L’oeil Art, the art of illusion. I somehow because of the artist D.N.A. became a Trompe L’oeil Artist for many years and I ended up writing a coffee table book on it called “Creating Grand Illusions”, then this led to tutoring art at Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne.
I decided to have a sea and temperature change and moved north to Byron Bay where I still reside and now paint on canvas most days. My work is very mixed, figurative, still life, surreal and am about to reinvent myself again with a new style. I believe you are only as good as your last best painting, and am always searching to expand myself in my art.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anna Clark said:

    Hi PETA, You may not remember us Anna Clark & Murray Stone from Baird St in Brighton East. You painted a wonderful Mural for us in 2001 on our back boundary wall. It appears our neighbours now wish to develop the land and want to remove the wall. It’s been such a part of our life here for the last 14 years. I guess my question to you if the wall has to be removed which we are trying to fight, would you be in a position to return to Melbourne and re do it.. Are you able to contact me to discuss on 03 95928280 /0407928281….for3am@bigpond.net.au and I can send a photo to refresh your memory. I see this is not the medium you are working in now but everyone who walks into our home is blown away, we were also lucky enough to find the book you published in 2000 …creating grand illusions. You are very much a part of our home. Kind regards…..Anna

  2. Evelyn Jones said:

    Hi Peta. I have been trying to find a copy of your book for years with no luck. Are there any plans to publish it again?

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